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Online Business Degree Program

A fast-track business degree can help jumpstart your career by giving you training in the latest knowledge and workplace skills you will need to wow your employer. A business degree is a versatile major that can help qualify you for a wide-range of careers.

online business degree program


New England College of Business is a privately-owned university that runs an online campus out of its headquarters in Boston, Massachusetts. This online business school was established in 1909 as a bank-sponsored college, and it was only able to grant degrees starting in 1979. They offered their first online degree program in 2004.

Strayer University is a privately-operated school that manages 78 campuses all over the United States as well as an online campus. This school was established in 1892 as a business college that catered mostly to former farmers. Today, the school caters to working adult learners, and its enrollment currently exceeds 52,000 students.

Once you earn a business degree, you might be launching yourself into a bigger playing field. A playing field that typically includes more job opportunities, more money, and more promotions. An accelerated online business degree can possibly get you there with maximum efficiency without sacrificing your current job, family life, or income.

Our online business degrees prepare you for your next step in your business goals, from launching your own company as an entrepreneur to developing the next-level skills you need to excel in your current career.

Complete your competency-based Master of Business Administration (MBA) in less than a year and for under $10k. It is designed for professionals with a business degree and experience working in the field.

Students can personalize their degree programs by adding certificates in various business areas such as Project Management, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Business Analytics, Accounting, Finance, and more.

It's important to be thoughtful before investing in a degree. Comparing the cost of the program and the ROI you'll get is key in determining if a program is right for you. WGU programs rank extremely highly when it comes to ROI and competitive tuition. Learn more about how we rank when it comes to post-graduate debt and salary levels.

Doing research is crucial when comparing business administration degrees. Things like the cost of the program, the amount of time it will take, and the courses are all important factors when making a decision. But there is more you should think about when making your choice. The amount of debt students have, the amount they are able to earn after they graduate, and how many online students a university has are also extremely important factors in determining which is the best program to meet your needs.

Compare tuition prices for business management programs at online colleges. Other fees may apply, and fees will vary based on degree program and institution. These calculations are made based on 4 year degree programs, with prices listed on an institution's website.

On average, online business degrees at other universities will cost $38,000 to $60,000 total. There also may be in-state or out-of-state tuition factors, as well as additional fees. However, you may be able to find online degree programs that cost much less.

A bachelor's degree in business usually takes around four years to complete at a traditional university. Often online business degree programs allow you to accelerate your program. For example, at WGU business undergraduate programs can be completed in around two years thanks to the accelerated course program.

An online business degree can open up many opportunities for you to begin or advance your career in business. Since a business degree is versatile and teaches many skills, it could qualify you to work in any of several unique industries. With an online business degree, you could potentially qualify for a job in management, finance, accounting, marketing, information technology, or even healthcare. So whether you want to be an accountant or a chief technology officer, an online business degree can help.

When you choose OHIO, you're choosing a university that has been consistently recognized for providing a top-notch education, whether that's online or in a hybrid format. OHIO offers nationally recognized business programs at a competitive price. We are consistently ranked in the top 2% of American public universities by U.S. News & World Report. The university is regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

View online business programs by state: Online Business Degrees in California Online Business Degrees in Florida Online Business Degrees in Michigan Online Business Degrees in Texas Online Business Degrees in Pennsylvania

If you are wanting to attain your BSBA in Management at Appalachian State University, taking it online is a great option. Students enrolled in this program will be provided with the business knowledge and skills needed to effectively and efficiently manage organizations in a rapidly changing, dynamic, and competitive global marketplace. This includes learning how to attract and retain talented employees and ensure that their activities are aligned with strategic objectives. Management majors also gain valuable leadership and interpersonal skills, along with an understanding of group dynamics which, together, are the skills that truly define effective managers.

Offered since 2001, students wishing to attain a Bachelor of Science in Management and Technology can easily do so online at Bowling Green State University. Flexibility is key which is why at BGSU you can choose when you want to start your courses depending on the time of year as they have six different start dates. If one month works better than the others, you can do just that. Credits start at $390 and will depend on whether you are an in-state or out of state student. While the program can be started at multiple times of the year, each session will last about seven weeks allowing you to finish the program in about 24-30 months. All courses are accredited by the HLC.

Upon entering the program, online students will utilize various tools such as Blackboard, live class sessions, pre-recorded sessions, online discussion forums, and much more. No matter when you choose to take your courses, all students attending Bowling Green University will be prepared for lifelong personal and career growth and engaged citizenship and leadership in a global society. Without flexibility, getting an online degree would be very hard to do. Thankfully, BGSU makes the whole admissions process easy and straightforward, allowing you to get your Bachelor of Science in Management and Technology that much quicker.

Unlike most schools, getting an online degree in a Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Management at California Baptist University can be done in as little as 16 months! Rated the #52 best school for Online Bachelor Programs by U.S. News, students pursuing their Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration Management will utilize programs such as Blackboard, WebEx, and Jabber. Depending on the professor, they will determine which software you will use. Some students may use more than one software. As an online student, you will have access to 24/7 live tutoring as well as the flexibility to do your courses when you want.

Students pursuing their degree in Business Administration will easily attain their goal in either the Fall, Spring, or Summer semesters. If applying for the Spring, the deadline is the end of February. If applying for the Summer semester, the application is the beginning of June. Perhaps the Winter is more your style; then, the application deadline is in early December. Lastly, if you want to apply for the Fall, you need to send in your application by late August. The whole program can be done at your own pace but typically takes about 5-6 semesters to complete the program fully. All courses you take in the program are fully AACSB accredited. Almost all classes minus a certain few are asynchronous courses. They are also small class sizes with about 25-30 students in each online course.

Done through the learning management system of D2L or as it is commonly known as Brightspace, online learning at the Clarion University of Pennsylvania is super easy. Students enrolled in the Online Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Management will be participating in the same mission they deliver to traditional students: providing students with transformative, lifelong learning opportunities through innovative, nationally recognized programs delivered in inclusive, student-centered environments. Since 2003, all online students have been able to participate in these offerings.

Every course is pre-recorded online for the convenience of all students in online education. All courses are asynchronous, meaning you can choose to do the coursework when you want, where you want, for however long you want to work on the courses. The application deadline is rolling, so feel free to apply whenever you feel ready to commit. Each course costs about $347/credit. Each semester, about 759 students are enrolled in online courses. According to U.S News & World Report, Clarion University also happens to be the #39 in Best Online Bachelor Programs. They have also said that Clarion University is a leader throughout the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education in a total number of program accreditations.

If you are looking to get your Bachelor of Science in Business Management, Colorado State University has all the tools you need to effectively get it online. According to U.S. News, Colorado State University is the #11 best online Bachelor Programs. Being an AACSB-accredited school, students getting their Bachelor of Science in Business Management will understand how the integration of various business units impact decision making within organizations operating in our global economy. Each credit will cost about $381 and the whole program can be completed within 2 years. Luckily for you, there are no set times required for classes. 041b061a72


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