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Ryan Hughes
Ryan Hughes

Download From Into Upload[516.1 MB] !FREE!

To download the proper image for your cEdge Router, you can navigate to and search your Router Product ID, then choose the Cisco IOS XE SD-WAN Software in order to see the list of releases available for your device. Once you have downloaded the image to your PC, you need to upload it into vManage Software Repository. In order to do so, navigate to vManage > Maintenance > Software Repository:

Download from Into Upload[516.1 MB]

I know there are many posts out there about how to clean up or remove things from the hard drive, but I have done all that I am comfortable with doing. I am not very techy savy, so I haven't done any of the Terminal commands (I'm a chicken when it comes to just typing in random commands). I have done the Spotlight re-index (It lowered me from 137GB to 104GB). I have also emptied my trash and download files. I have no idea what is causing this (my MacBook Pro is 5 years old and is running OS X version 10.9.4. I have 250GB on the hard drive and 4 GB of memory and am running a 2.53 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo - basic stuff here!). This is my breakdown....

Atul, this is what lead to my initial concern & posting here about it, and if I have to do something as drastic as fiddle with the installer & Setup.xml files to remove & prevent those additional things being installed. I appreciate you letting me know that the new customization options to do this are apparently in the downloadable version of Adobe Creative Suite 3 Production Premium. So I will try downloading from Download Adobe Creative Suite 3 products this weekend & let you know how I go. HOPEFULLY it's not just the same outcome that I see here above. But if it is, then I would like to ask for some further support on installing without Bridge-CS3 & the other unnecessary stuff, and if changing the Setup.xml (or other files) will achieve this. As I've asked in the initial post.

If you are telling me that from your "testing" you have specifically installed Flash CS3, After Effects CS3 & Premier CS3 along side PhotoshopCS6 on Windows 10, from the Adobe-CS3-Production-Premium download, without it installing things like a AdobeBridge2 & AdobeStockPhotos1.5 at the same time, then can you please post screenshots & instructions on how you achieved this. This is what I'm looking for, plain & simple. If I can follow & replicate your results then I will mark the post as *CORRECT* and we can call it a wrap. I would be grateful. 041b061a72


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