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Suzui: There are many things that we wanted to include, which include some songs from animes. But due to many differing opinions within the team, along with legal reasons, we started out with a masterlist, and chose and selected from there. There were definitely some strong personal opinions that loved certain songs, but there were a lot of discussions that went into determining the final list, along with input from players as well.


Suzui: Yes, definitely. We can say the same for the characters as well, but we did decide that you would need a minimum of four characters from each of the numbered titles, being Final Fantasy I through Final Fantasy XV. For example, from Final Fantasy IV or VI that has a huge number of characters, there are many more that could be included, but due to many passionate discussions with the team, it became a final list of the characters that you see today.

The final two DLC packs are currently still unannounced, and they could comprise a wide selection of titles. We could see another SaGa pack, perhaps one for Octopath Traveler 2, or even one for the Drakengard series - which is famous for rhythm games of its own.

At first glance, Square Enix's decision to celebrate its treasured fantasy series' 25th birthday with a rhythm action game appears a curious one. The company has no experience making music games, while Final Fantasy itself, in its heft and epic sprawl, has nothing in common with a genre built upon three-and-a-half-minute pop foundations and an absence, rather than a surplus, of dialogue.

Yes, this is a greatest hits of sorts - a holiday TV show, picking out those best-loved scenes from 25 years of fantasy soap. But it's also a document of creative rise and fall and rise, charting those points when the series had clarity of vision and those moments when it had no idea what it was aside from a clutch of worn motifs. In that sense, Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is the most honest anniversary collection yet in the current crop of formative Japanese series celebrating that significant birthday - a feat it manages in a genre that has nothing to do with the source material.

The series returns to its roots with a medieval fantasy setting and a focus on magical crystals. Zidane Tribal and his group of bandits attempt to kidnap a royal princess and things don't go exactly as they expect. 041b061a72


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