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How to Master Cavatina Guitar Duo PDF Free: Tips and Tricks from a Professional Guitarist

Cavatina Guitar Duo PDF Free: How to Play the Beautiful Theme from The Deer Hunter

If you are a fan of classical guitar music, you have probably heard of cavatina, a melodic and expressive piece that was featured as the theme song of the 1978 film The Deer Hunter. Cavatina is one of those pieces that can touch your heart and soul with its simple yet profound beauty. It is also a great piece to play as a guitar duo, as you can share the melody and harmony with your partner and create a rich and harmonious sound.

cavatina guitar duo pdf free

In this article, we will explore the history and origin of cavatina, the original version performed by John Williams, the guitar duo version arranged by Riccardo Buzzurro, and the benefits of playing cavatina as a guitar duo. We will also provide you with a link to download the cavatina guitar duo pdf free sheet music so you can start practicing right away. Let's get started!

The history of cavatina: Who composed it and for what film?

Cavatina is a classical guitar piece composed by British composer Stanley Myers in 1970. The word "cavatina" means "a short and simple song" in Italian, and it is usually used to describe a lyrical piece of music that has no repetition or development. Myers originally wrote cavatina for the film The Walking Stick, but it was not very successful.

However, in 1978, Myers reworked cavatina for another film, The Deer Hunter, directed by Michael Cimino and starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep. The film tells the story of three friends who are affected by the Vietnam War and its aftermath. Cavatina was used as the main theme of the film, playing during the opening credits, the wedding scene, and the final scene.

The Deer Hunter was a huge success, winning five Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Original Score. Cavatina also received an Oscar nomination for Best Original Song, but lost to Last Dance from Thank God It's Friday. Nevertheless, cavatina became very popular and widely recognized as one of the most beautiful pieces of classical guitar music ever written.

The original version of cavatina: How did John Williams perform it?

The original version of cavatina was performed by John Williams, a renowned Australian classical guitarist who is considered one of the best guitarists of all time. Williams was a friend of Myers and agreed to record cavatina for The Deer Hunter. He played it on a Ramirez classical guitar with nylon strings, using his fingerstyle technique.

Williams' performance of cavatina was praised for its elegance, clarity, and emotion. He captured the essence of the piece with his delicate touch and expressive phrasing. He also added some variations and embellishments to the melody, making it more interesting and personal. Williams' version of cavatina became a classic and inspired many other guitarists to learn and play it.

The guitar duo version of cavatina: How did the duo arrange it and where can you find it?

While the original version of cavatina is beautiful and captivating, it can also be played as a guitar duo, with two guitars playing different parts of the music. One of the most popular and well-known guitar duo versions of cavatina was arranged by Riccardo Buzzurro, an Italian guitarist and composer who specializes in classical and jazz music.

Buzzurro arranged cavatina for two guitars in 2018 and uploaded it on, a website where you can find and download free sheet music for various instruments. Buzzurro's arrangement of cavatina is based on the original version by Myers and Williams, but he also added some changes and improvements to make it more suitable for a guitar duo.

For example, he simplified some of the chords and fingerings, he divided the melody and harmony between the two guitars, he added some counterpoint and syncopation, and he modulated the key from E major to C# minor in the middle section. He also made the ending more dramatic and powerful by increasing the tempo and adding some arpeggios and glissandos.

Buzzurro's guitar duo version of cavatina is very impressive and enjoyable to listen to and play. It preserves the original beauty and emotion of the piece, but also adds some new elements and challenges. It is a great way to practice your guitar skills, such as coordination, timing, dynamics, articulation, and expression.

The benefits of playing cavatina as a guitar duo: What skills can you improve and what emotions can you express?

Playing cavatina as a guitar duo can bring you many benefits, both musically and personally. Here are some of them:

  • You can improve your musical skills, such as reading sheet music, playing in tune, following a tempo, listening to each other, blending your sounds, balancing your volumes, creating contrast, shaping phrases, etc.

  • You can express your emotions more fully, as you can share the joy, sadness, nostalgia, hope, love, etc. that cavatina evokes. You can also communicate with your partner through eye contact, body language, facial expressions, etc.

  • You can have fun and enjoy playing music with someone else. You can also learn from each other's strengths and weaknesses, give feedback, support each other, motivate each other, etc.

  • You can perform cavatina for an audience and impress them with your musicality and harmony. You can also inspire them with the beauty and meaning of cavatina.

Conclusion: A summary of the main points and a call to action

Cavatina is a wonderful piece of classical guitar music that was composed by Stanley Myers for the film The Deer Hunter. It was originally performed by John Williams on a solo guitar, but it can also be played as a guitar duo with an arrangement by Riccardo Buzzurro. Playing cavatina as a guitar duo can help you improve your musical skills, express your emotions, have fun with your partner, and perform for an audience.

If you want to play cavatina as a guitar duo pdf free sheet music download link below. You will find a simplified version for two guitars that is easy to read and play. You will also find a video tutorial that shows you how to play cavatina step by step. You can use these resources to practice cavatina at your own pace and level.

Cavatina is a beautiful piece that deserves to be played by every classical guitarist. It is not only a musical challenge but also a musical reward. So don't hesitate and start playing cavatina today!

FAQs: Five common questions and answers about cavatina guitar duo pdf free

  • What is the difficulty level of playing cavatina as a guitar duo?

  • The difficulty level of playing cavatina as a guitar duo depends on your skill level and experience. However, generally speaking, it is not very hard to play cavatina as a guitar duo if you use the simplified arrangement by Buzzurro. It has easy chords and fingerings, clear notation, moderate tempo, and no advanced techniques. However, it still requires some practice and attention to detail to play it well.

  • What kind of guitars do I need to play cavatina as a guitar duo?

guitar duo with any kind of acoustic guitars, but preferably classical guitars with nylon strings. This is because cavatina was originally written and performed on a classical guitar, and it sounds better and more authentic with nylon strings. Nylon strings also produce a softer and warmer tone than steel strings, which suits the mood and style of cavatina.

  • How long does it take to learn cavatina as a guitar duo?

  • The time it takes to learn cavatina as a guitar duo varies depending on your skill level, practice time, and learning method. However, generally speaking, it should not take too long to learn cavatina as a guitar duo if you use the simplified arrangement by Buzzurro. It has only four pages and 89 measures, and it follows the same structure and melody as the original version. You can also use the video tutorial to help you learn faster and easier. If you practice regularly and diligently, you should be able to play cavatina as a guitar duo in a few weeks or months.

  • Where can I find more guitar duo arrangements of classical music?

  • If you enjoy playing guitar duo arrangements of classical music, you can find more of them on, the website where you can download the cavatina guitar duo pdf free sheet music. has a huge collection of free sheet music for various instruments and genres, including classical music for guitar duos. You can browse by category, popularity, difficulty, or search by keyword. You can also upload your own sheet music and share it with other musicians.

  • What are some tips to play cavatina as a guitar duo better?

  • Here are some tips to play cavatina as a guitar duo better:

  • Practice with a metronome or a backing track to keep a steady tempo and rhythm.

  • Practice with your partner as much as possible to coordinate your parts and blend your sounds.

  • Listen to the original version by Williams and the guitar duo version by Buzzurro to get familiar with the melody and harmony.

  • Pay attention to the dynamics, articulation, and expression marks on the sheet music and follow them accordingly.

  • Add some variations and embellishments to the melody and harmony if you feel confident and creative.

  • Have fun and enjoy playing cavatina as a guitar duo!

I hope you liked this article on cavatina guitar duo pdf free. If you did, please share it with your friends and fellow guitarists. And don't forget to download the sheet music and start playing cavatina today! 71b2f0854b


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