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Leo Price
Leo Price

Tote Strapping Sticks

Headed out for the weekend? We have the perfect tote for you. It's super spacious and, with a zippered closure, your belongings won't tumble out while you travel. You'll look totes adorbs on your getaway.

Tote strapping Sticks

Made to attach to any of our bags that feature the PALS webbing system. These straps come in pairs but can be used separately to secure various equipment to your bag such as a yoga mat, eskrima sticks, extra clothing or camping gear etc..

Gauge sticks or poles are tools used to measure the level of fuel or other fluids in containers and pumps. AFT offers a wide selection of gauge sticks in a variety of lengths for your convenience. Shop our online selection or contact us today for a custom quote. Our knowledgeable sales team is available to help.

The Leather Handled Tote starts with a filled base, which you can find the tutorial for here. The only step that is different on the Leather Handled Tote base is adding the leather strapping underneath the third stake to the right and left of the center stake.

The elastic hack is genius! It drives me insane all the time when the purse strap sticks out. I have retired bags after wearing it once because of this. your trick with the elastic tie will put my ocd personality to rest and I can wear all my retired bags again!:)

Every custom leather stick bag is sewn with #69 industrial nylon thread for strength. A wide velcro closure is sewn under the flap so it can adjust for any number of sticks, brushes or hammers in your leather drumstick case.

Being unprepared for the weather is like water off a duck's back with the new totes Auto Open Umbrella with Wooden Duck Handle. This classically styled umbrella features a collapsible, steel frame and wooden, 'Duck Head' handle for just the right touch of fun and whimsy.

Let your style shine even in the rain! Enjoy the elements with the totes Auto Open and Close Umbrella and water repellent invisible coating that keeps you up to 4X drier. The perfect companion to any purse or backpack, this umbrella opens and closes with just the touch of a bottom so you can spend less time fumbling in the rain! Totes stands behind our umbrellas so if yours breaks, simply return it to our warranty center. Care instructions: Leave open to dry. Wipe clean with damp cloth.

Let your style shine through even on rainy days with the totes signature clear bubble umbrella. Our signature clear umbrella features a top-of-the-line clear acrylic handle for your most comfortable, durable grip. The oversized 51-inch bubble canopy provides totally see-through coverage that protects your hair and makeup from the elements. Easily navigate busy city streets with cleardome-shaped umbrella that won't obstruct your vision or bump into people passing.

Put a smile on your little one's face with the totes Clear Canopy Bubble Umbrella. This large dome-shaped canopy is perfect protection from the elements, and the easy-grip curved plastic handle makes it a snap for small hands to open and close on their own. Plus, the clear canopy ensures your child can always see through while walking, avoiding any potential run-ins with others on the way to school.

You'll be cooler in the sun and always prepared for a surprise shower with the totes SunGuard extra large auto open close umbrella. SunGuard with UPF 50+ protection blocks 98 percent of harmful UV rays and keeps you up to 30 degrees cooler. Oversized 54-inch canopy is large enough to cover 2 people and folds to just 14 inches. Auto open and close -- one push of a button opens the umbrella, one push closes it keeping one hand free when you're on the go.

Maximum coverage meets durable design with the totes auto open vented golf stick umbrella. Extra Large 60-inch canopy is vented for reduced wind resistance and large enough to cover 2 people. Constructed with a high quality fiberglass shaft and ergonomic -coated handle for supreme durability, easy handling, and secure grip. Auto opens with the touch of a button keeping one hand free when you're on the go.

The totes Auto Open/Close Golf Umbrella combines extra large coverage with easy carry convenience! Easy auto open and close -- one push of a button opens the umbrella, one push closes it keeping one hand free when you're on the go. Oversized 55-inch canopy is large enough to cover 2 people. Premium ergonomic handle with coating for a comfortable, secure grip even in rainy conditions.

We design our equipment to withstand all the years of abuse you can throw at them. To prove our dedication to prodcuts and to ensure you never have to go without a treestand mid-season again, XOP backs all of their sticks and stands with a lifetime metal warranty.

Weighing just 10.5lbs this beast of a treestand is able to withstand pull tests up to 2200lbs. Pair this bad boy with a set of J-Hooks, Gamma Pack, and X2 climbing sticks for an optimal run and gun set up.

Additional items not permitted inside Memorial Stadium include flags/banners, noisemakers, weapons, non-clear bags, coolers or containers, laptops, video recorders, selfie sticks, umbrellas and strollers.

Are Illinois team branded clear bags available?Gameday Spirit will have the approved clear bag for sale at all their retail locations as well as their stadium locations, including at Grange Grove. Illinois-branded clear bags may also be available through the online store at be reminded that a standard, one-gallon clear Ziploc-style storage bag will suffice. Fans may also bring approved clear tote bags they have previously obtained at other venues. 041b061a72


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