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[S3E12] Egg Drop

Luke has a project for school: to design an egg carton to protect eggs from a one-story drop. Naturally, his first instinct is to try a regular egg carton to see if it works. In the house. Just as Claire walks by. He wants to borrow Alex's project from a few years back, but she feels it could have implications for unmanned spaceflight. Claire insists he does the project alone. Which inspires Luke to BE the container.

[S3E12] Egg Drop

At the school, both Manny's and Luke's inventions protect the egg from a one-story drop, but naturally, Claire and Jay won't settle for a tie. They go up higher and higher before realizing they were being idiotic. They go to apologize to Manny and Luke, only they caved and apologized for tricking Claire and Jay into doing their projects for them. Jay sends them off to do their own projects, but Claire blames him for causing all of this. She wished Jay stopped her competitive streak when she was a little girl, but Jay said the thing he loved the most about Claire was that she WAS a fighter, that she wouldn't give up. They decide to try their little competition again...until Alex demonstrates her little egg project. (ALEX: Give it up. You're all just playing for the second).

Luke and Manny have a big school project to design the best capsule that would protect an egg in a two-story drop, but when Claire and Jay catch wind of it, their own competitive drives kick in... and eventually take over. Meanwhile, Phil solicits the help of Haley and Gloria to sit as plants in the audience during a huge real estate presentation he has put together, and Mitch and Cam meet with prospective birth mothers and must try their very best to be charming and likeable.

Alcide drops Bill, Eric, and Russell at a construction site and drives away, believing all family debts to Eric now cleared; we see that Russell is going to be encased in concrete. Eric tells Russell he changed his mind about killing him because he's worried Russell might actually then find peace somehow. Godric appears again, but Eric is now ignoring him. He should be there for at least 100 years, Bill tells Russell, and it will drive him completely insane. Godric shows up again, but Eric tells his maker,"This is who I am."

Uther fears the Cup of Life might fall into the hands of Cenred and decides it's not safe with the Druids. Merlin asks Gaius about the Cup and Gaius explains in the wrong hands the Cup of Life could be a very powerful weapon. Many centuries ago a great warlord collected a drop of blood from each of his soldiers and through the power of the Cup the army was made immortal, causing unimaginable carnage.

At the end of "The Friends We Made" music video, a person with an RB Battles popcorn bucket throws a knife at a screen playing the song. The person then drops his popcorn bucket on the ground, and the video ends. This cutscene hints at the villain of the next season. A secret room within the current RB Battles game had this exact scene, albeit already over. 041b061a72


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