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Heinrich Khunrath Amphitheatrum Sapientiae Aeternae Pdf Download !!INSTALL!!

Production notes: This ebook of The Rosicrucian Christianity Lectures was published by Global Grey on the 30th August 2022. The artwork used for the cover is an 'Engraving pictured in the book Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae' by Heinrich Khunrath.

heinrich khunrath amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae pdf download

Download File:

First leaf of plates is port. of author, signed: Johan Diricks, Van Campe, scalpsit: Magdeburgi. The remaining 22 leaves constitute 11 double plates, hinged at center folds. Plates [2]-[10] are allegorical ill. Plate [7] signed: HF Vries pinxit. Plates [7]-[10] signed: Paullus van der Doort Antwerp. scalpsit. Plate [11] is a table entitled: Summa Amphitheatri sapientiae aeternae. Plate [12] is a table entitled: Tria sunt, quae primordialiter constituunt Mvndvm.

Chaos, Paulus van der Doort, 1609. From Heinrich Khunrath, Amphitheatrum sapientiae aeternae . . . [The Amphitheater of Eternal Wisdom] (Hanover, 1609), pl. 9. 1380-905 View a digitized version of this book


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