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Best Self-Love Hacks to Feeling Better Right Now

You know there is a difference between, “Loving someone and being in love with someone”. Growing up, I believed that this concept was only applied to relationships of the romantic variety, but I was sadly mistaking. If, you follow me then you know that I have been through a lot but 2020 was a turning year for me as it was for most of us. While in quarantine I had nowhere to run which means I had to deal with the girl in the mirror. I have spent the last year and a half falling in love with myself and my perfect flaws.

It is so crazy when I think back it has me questioning every time I said “I love you” to someone how much truth was behind it? I mean can you really love someone; I mean truly love someone if you are not truly in love with yourself. Don’t get me wrong I love me, I think I am very special person, but I was not in love with myself which basically led me to become a slave to the preconceived notions of who people think I should be instead of living my own truth.


6 Easy Ways I Learn to Self-Love

Self-love letters and African American girl with a afro
Self Love

1. You do not owe anyone anything except to be best version of yourself

At times we feel like we are obligated to there and deal with the extra baggage that people hand us because they may have helped you out or was there for you in some way but if what they did was not done from the heart then let them charge it to the game because you do not owe anyone your peace of mind

2. It is okay to go against the grain

Just because no one you know has done it does not mean that you shouldn’t. The sun does not stop shining because people complain about the heat or the brightness and neither should you.

3. It is okay to restart

I have done this recently because sometimes we slip back into our comfort zone because its familiar but once you realize that the familiar can also stop your progression you may need to restart.

4. Trim Your Own Family/Friend Tree

“I trim my own family tree”, I heard my uncle say this when I was like thirteen year and it became my mantra but, on my journey, to fall in love with myself it became more prominent in my life. It is perfectly ok to cut off dead branches because if you keep them, they will destroy your tree of life. So, I have truly learned how to love from a distance,

5. Fix your face

If you do not like what you see when you look in the mirror, fix it. I am not in know promoting plastic surgery but if putting on makeup, a new wig, fixing your teeth and loosing or gaining weight will make you feel good, then go for it. 2019 is definitely my year of transformation.


You can fall in love with someone you don’t know so take some alone time to get to know who you are and what bring you true joy and peace.

For me like anything else that you work on in life, learning to love myself unapologetically and stand on it is a daily process. Not every day is a good day but every day I progress in the right direction.


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