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Hello… It’s been a while. I really have been wanting to start back blogging and doing podcasts but in one “ Fear” is what has been stopping me. I have been going through so much ( and no I am not looking for pity) but giving you a little background on how we can allow “Fear” to hinder us from pursuing our desires. I had so many well thought ideas on how I wanted this blog to go and what I wanted to do with it and then on the 23rd anniversary of my mother’s death it hit me . “ JUST BE YOU “.

My blog along with my podcast I am welcoming you all to ride with me in the journey we call life , as I tackle healthy living , healing , fashion, relationships and everything in between. My hope is the person reading this blog will be inspired to live their best lives but most importantly understanding that perfection is lie the minds tells you to keep you stagnant.

Enjoy !!!


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