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Scared of Lonely-One Woman's Journey from Loneliness to Healing

Alone Vs. Lonely


The definition of being lonely is without companions and to be sad due to that reason however the definition of being alone means to be by one's own self. These words are used interchangeably however the difference being the emotional turmoil that comes with being lonely. You can ease the pain of being alone by being with family, friends, strangers in a park.

Loneliness and Greif = Recipe for despair

When my mom died if created void inside of me and I was so afraid of losing another person that was precious to me, or not being there when someone I love needs me that I never truly gave myself a real chance to mourn and actually grieve the loss of my mother.

I went through my teenage just surviving, taking any companionship or attention anyone gave me even if was manipulative or taxic. I would take anything or anyone to not deal with the pain of accepting the most devastating loss of my life. I had created this cycle of destruction never truly ever letting myself evolve and I didn’t understand why I still felt empty in a way. January 1st, 2015, was my breaking point or what I would like to call my rebirth.

Devine Intervention

Sitting in the church on December 31,2014, I felt as if my life was crumbling all around me and for all intents and purposes through my tears and soul stirring words of the Pastor, I had a breakthrough. I was at my lowest but in a weird way I knew better days where coming. I had to face something I had been hiding from since 1999. MYSELF... the void of my mother's death left was not her leaving my here alone because in truth I prefer being alone and my family is to close knit for me to ever be truly alone, but I was in fact lonely and hurting.

Loneliness as simple as a fix as people believe it to be had been spur in my side since I was fourteen years old. I never want to feel that empty or that hurt again so I had to address the root cause of my grief.


Loneliness, grief and depression are not easy to combat. It can be a difficult process and it might take time for you to heal.

The following are some tips on how to deal with being alone:

- Spend time with yourself and do things that you enjoy doing.

- Make an effort to reach out to others, whether it is via social media, phone call or in person.

- Find a hobby or activity that will give you a sense of purpose and fulfillment.

- Seek professional help when necessary.


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