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What About Your Friends ?

Do you know the difference between a friend or a fiend?


I have something that has been weighing on my conscience for a while now and I just can’t hold my peace. I have always been incredibly careful about the company that I keep and who I call friend but as I get older, I realize the true definition of friend. You see I think that a lot of people including myself tend to take that word for granted at times, especially when things are going well but when the true test of friendship is when things get bad. You see a friendship is a common bond, a feeling of personal regard between two people but how can you call someone a friend or consider yourself a friend when things get hard and that feeling of personal regard dissipates. I consider myself a good friend to all that I encounter and not because I am better than most but because all my real friendships have been forged in the fire and yet our bond has still survived. My grandmother always told me that you can't call everyone friends, so I know you wondering what you call them, you all of them fiend. I know when you say the word your mind goes to drug user and it should, but a fiend is a mischievous person that is addicted to something. You see and a lot of us are spending time together with fiends but we don't even know it, a fiend is that person that is only around when you're on top, that person that is always smiling in your face when you they feel you can do something for you and most importantly that person that is NEVER around when you truly need them. You see a fiend will put on the mask as a friend but in truth they can't wait to see you fail. I know that this still may be a little bit confusing, so I am going to break it down a little bit further for you. A fiend will laugh at your dreams, a friend will encourage them A fiend will take everything and give back nothing, a friend will give everything and expect nothing A fiend will laugh when you fall, a friend will be there to catch you A fiend will push you off the edge, a friend will be there to pull you back A fiend will go to the club with you, a friend will go to church with you So, now I ask you to check your inner circle and see who surrounds you, fiends or friends?


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