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Status Cracka Do Gry FIFA 23

Electronic Arts zmierzy się z naprawdę nietypowym problemem. W zeszłym tygodniu rozpoczęły się zamknięte testy The Sims 5, a już teraz gracze dorwali się do produkcji za pomocą prostego cracka. Gra została spiracona na kilka lat przed premierą.

Status cracka do gry FIFA 23

In March 2023, the district court of Hermagor ruled that loot boxes contained in FIFA (video game series) are gambling and thus illegal. The relevant question for the court was, if, on one hand, virtual goods have real value, and on the other hand, promise a gain. Especially with games of the fifa series there is a black market where players are traded for real money. The decision required Sony (in accepting the payment for EA) to refund the money spent on Ultimate Team packs to the users, and EA to label the FIFA games as "gambling games", requiring a license to use. The judgement is not final, and can be contested.[130][131] 041b061a72


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